PV Imaging has been proudly serving Hamilton and the surrounding region since 2001. 

Utilizing a variety of technologies, PV Imaging offers a range of products and services designed to enhance its client’s brand recognition in the marketplace as well as providing cost-effective tools to improve many companies performance. Employing the use of full colour digital technology, PV Imaging can provide effective sales tools such as vehicle graphics, Point of Sales products, and a wide assortment of sign solutions such as backlit signs, posters, murals, site signs, photo enlargements, and floor graphics to name a few.

 With the use of 3D modeling software, PV Imaging can  provide design service in retail floor development, expansion and signage planning. It is also a very effective tool for developers and businesses looking to expand into new locations by providing a virtual tour of future projects to ensure that those developments will be successful before the onset of construction.  

205 Cannon Street East
Hamilton, Ontario - Canada L8L 1A9